Relic Readying Dawn of War 2 Campaign Mode Fix, Offers Workaround for Crash Issues

Those afflicted by a Dawn of War II bug that prevents them from accepting any new campaign missions should find relief later today, according to developer Relic.

The studio is currently testing an update that will resolve the issue, and expects to release the fix later today. The problem crops up when save game data is corrupted because of a crash, leaving "a small percentage of players" without any missions. nope

"The fix should bring those corrupted save games back to life and shouldn't interfere with unaffected save games in any way," wrote Relic on the Dawn of War II community site. The anticipated PC strategy game launched earlier this week.

However, the update will not address the root of those crashes, an out-of-memory error, as Relic has not yet been able to fix that issue. The studio noted that such crashes are "more likely to happen on 32-Bit Vista machines running on High and Ultra settings," and suggests that those experiencing problems use Medium settings for now.

"Relic apologizes for this inconvenience," the company added. "We are working hard to solve the problem and deploy a fix responsibly."

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