Operation Flashpoint 2 Confirmed for PS3, Xbox 360; New Trailer Released

It's been nearly two years since Codemasters re-announced Operation Flashpoint 2, promising that the military simulation would hit "PC and major console formats." We all assumed that meant PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, but Codemasters stuck to its guns. nope

The company changed its tune today, officially confirming that the sequel to Bohemia's Operation Flashpoint will hit PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 alongside PC. In addition, the game has dropped the 2 from its title, now just Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising.

As Bohemia has moved on to produce its ArmA line of military simulators, Codemasters is developing the new Operation Flashpoint internally, though Bohemia was originally attached to the sequel way back in 2003. The new game uses the EGO Engine, previously seen in Codemasters' Colin McRae: DiRT and Race Driver: GRID.

Described by Codemasters as the "most accessible, engaging and visceral sandbox shooter of the year," Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising arrives this summer.

The new trailer, detailing the game's use of the Ego Engine, follows below: BOOM video 1495