Titan Pack DLC For Unreal Tournament 3 Detailed

By Maarten Goldstein, Feb 19, 2009 4:48am PST

Epic Games today released more details on the Titan Pack it is readying for Unreal Tournament 3.

Attaching a March 5 to its release on PC and PlayStation 3, the free Titan Pack will add 11 new maps for Deathmatch, CTF, Vehicle CTF and Warfare modes. An additional 8 maps come from the first Bonus Pack and Xbox 360 version of the game.

The Titan Pack will also add two new game modes: Greed, a "tug of war"-style mode, and Betrayal, a mode where alliances and teams change throughout a match.

Players will be able to use the Axon Stealthbender unit as well, along with X-Ray field and Link Station repair unit deployables.

Also expect to see new characters, turrets and a Titan mutator where, upon hitting a certain amount of frags, you become a 15-foot tall Titan, enhanced by every power-up in the game.
The Titan Pack will follow after the release of a massive patch for the game, which will bring Steam achievements support among other changes.

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  • I purchased UT3 for PC when it was released, I have a rig that can more then supports it. This game sucks a.., I sold my copy on ebay for about $10 less then what I paid for it and felt lucky to get that.
    Face it UT3 flopped and is by far one of the worst FPS games ever released.
    I have been a loyal UT fan since day one and I have loved the series but this was a big disappointment.
    What made me mad was the lies and disrespect they have shown there customers and supporters.
    This Titan pack is a way for them to try and make up there losses and as far as I am concerned they can take it and shove it.
    I just purchased F.E.A.R 2 and yes it did have some problems but this game signal or MP is by far much better then UT3.
    My advise to anyone looking to purchase UT3 because of there Epic's Deming attempt to apologize with this so called "Titan Pack" forget it.

  • Hi all,
    What does this "über-update" really do to ut3???
    I´ve been playin ut since ut99, got into ut2k3 quickly, then ut2k4 was like an update/patch to ut2k3, atleast felt like one...
    And so now again patch2 to ut3..??...think it could aswell have been namned UT4???
    Cuz it it´s like the "the better game" they should have been released at the beginning with all the tweeks, mods and improvements they should have made from ut2k4?????
    As a fan of Epic games I shurely hope for a "VERY GOOD" patch, as the game have potentials!
    Why not just put in "all the good stuff" listen to the community, and make a game that'll again breake some waves???


  • Glad to see Epic still acting true to their history. Big, free content additions to their games and long term support. UT3 didn't get the reception they wanted, but at least they're still supporting it and trying to make things right. UT2k4 had a large update that added 3 new vehicles(paladin, artillary, and that flying vehicle with lots of missles), among other things. Things like this made me a long time epic fan. They don't get everything right the first time, but they do try to fix things and make things better in the long term. I think people can give them that at least, dispite the issues UT3 had at release.

    Another example of them making things right...

    UT2k4 was released only a year after UT2k3. They realized it was soon after the first games release, and decided to give a $10 discount(25%) off to those who purchased UT2k3.

    It's fun to hate on the big companies when they mess up, or get their priorities wrong. That shouldn't mean we should continue blindly though. I was pissed at ID for moving their next engine to consoles instead of the PC, but I have better things to do than be angry at a company that isn't catering to my gaming needs at the moment.