Titan Pack DLC For Unreal Tournament 3 Detailed

Epic Games today released more details on the Titan Pack it is readying for Unreal Tournament 3.

Attaching a March 5 to its release on PC and PlayStation 3, the free Titan Pack will add 11 new maps for Deathmatch, CTF, Vehicle CTF and Warfare modes. An additional 8 maps come from the first Bonus Pack and Xbox 360 version of the game.


The Titan Pack will also add two new game modes: Greed, a "tug of war"-style mode, and Betrayal, a mode where alliances and teams change throughout a match.

Players will be able to use the Axon Stealthbender unit as well, along with X-Ray field and Link Station repair unit deployables.

Also expect to see new characters, turrets and a Titan mutator where, upon hitting a certain amount of frags, you become a 15-foot tall Titan, enhanced by every power-up in the game.
The Titan Pack will follow after the release of a massive patch for the game, which will bring Steam achievements support among other changes.