Namco Revives Dead to Rights, Offers Screenshots

Though the news has been floating around for a while, Namco Bandai today made it official: the Dead to Rights series, last seen in 2005, is coming to PS3 and Xbox 360.

Due out this fall, Dead to Rights: Retribution is a prequel to past Dead to Rights games, offering a look at how protagonist Jack Slate and his canine companion Shadow met. Amusingly enough, Dead to Rights II was a prequel to the original Dead to Rights. nope

As with past entries in the action franchise, players will be able to use Shadow to aid them in their all-out battle against the criminal underworld. After the dog helps locate enemies and flush them out of cover, Jack can beat them senseless or shoot them.

This time around, Namco promises a new combat system that "puts the full combat potential of a highly trained, highly agitated law-enforcement officer into players hands," including options for cover, disarm moves, melee combos, and counterattacks.

Reservoir Dogs developer Volatile Games will be handling Dead to Rights: Retribution. The original was developed internally at Namco, with Widescreen on the second.