Blizzard Reveals 'Ulduar' World of Warcraft Update

World of Warcraft developer Blizzard has unveiled the next major addition to its successful PC MMO, the Ulduar dungeon, which will arrive via the 3.1 patch. nope

Available to those players with the Wrath of the Lich King expansion, Ulduar is described as the game's "most ambitious raid to date." It kicks off with players utilizing a fleet of siege vehicles to face off against a "massive iron army" before encountering the Flame Leviathan tank, a boss that requires combatants to rely on those siege vehicles.

In all, the dungeon will pack 14 bosses, with 11 of those having an optional hard mode that will provide additional challenge and rewards. Blizzard promises that Ulduar has a wide appeal to a variety of play styles and "has great longevity and high replay value."

The 3.1 patch and Ulduar dungeon are said to hit the public test realms "very soon." No information is available as to when the patch will go live for the rest of the realms.