Gears of War Writer Says Epic Has '10-Year Plan,' Suggests Single-player GoW2 DLC

During a panel at this year's New York Comic Con, Gears of War 2 writer Josh Ortega revealed that developer Epic has "a ten-year plan" for the action-centric franchise.

"Gears is long-term. The lancer is the new lightsaber," he added, according to IGN. The statements came in response to a question about a potential prequel.

Along with two video games, the series has spawned a comic book and a forthcoming feature film, which director Len Wiseman hopes will be the first of a trilogy. The initial game hit PC and Xbox 360, while the second has only appeared on Xbox 360.

Ortega also hinted that downloadable content may expand the single-player portion of Gears of War 2. After being asked about the possibility of single-player DLC, he told fans to "keep watching" and assured the crowd that they "won't be disappointed."