Warhammer Online Subscribers Dwindle to 300,000 (Update: Rumors of New Mythic Layoffs)

By Nick Breckon, Feb 04, 2009 11:07am PST Update: Joystiq is now reporting that "several well-placed sources" have confirmed a new round of Mythic layoffs, on the order of 60-130 employees.

The story claims that the layoffs extend to the development staff, including senior designers. Shacknews has contacted Mythic owner Electronic Arts for comment.

Original story: Tucked away in yesterday's Electronic Arts conference was the news that Mythic's MMO Warhammer Online has seen its player base reduced to a lean 300,000 subscribers.

The number places Warhammer's base ahead of MMOs such as EverQuest II and Lord of the Rings Online, but far behind behemoths like Lineage and World of Warcraft.

Following Warhammer's September launch, developer Mythic had registered 750,000 players of the game. By early November, Electronic Arts was reporting that Warhammer had accumulated over 800,000 subscribers.

But even before the World of Warcraft expansion Wrath of the Lich King launched in November, competitor Blizzard was reporting that up to 46% of Warcraft subscribers who had cancelled their subscription citing Warhammer had already returned. Lich King went on to break sales records, increasing Warcraft's stranglehold on the MMO genre to 11.5 million subscribers.

Though layoffs at Warhammer developer Mythic were rumored last month, the company has reassured fans that it will continue to support the game, announcing a series of updates that will roll out between March and June of this year.

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  • Many friends of mine bought war and tried it out, then came Wotlk, so they went back..... thou only for a short while, they are back to warhammer wher they belong.
    at first War was so empthy, but they made some transfers of low pop servers to more populated servers. so now, there are RvR battles everywhere. from lvl 1, the only thing you need to find one, is to use the (search for Warband & group near you) and if you dont find one (IF) u just need to take flight path to Empire, dwarf or high elf... caus theres always a battle to be fought.

    I love this game, i takes me 2 min after i logg in to find a warband (warband = 24 ppl in a group) to go and siege a keep, or defending, or taking bo`s or just fighting destros in Open rvr battles!

    2 bad i cant send some pictures, its really fulfilling when you running side by side with 2 or more warbands to take keeps, with rams and artilleri, or defending when destros come, its very massive battles in this game, its why i love it! Vast in numbers. when you are standing outside the keep you are about to take, and you see them defending it.... maybe 50+ ppl against eachother... its 2 awsome. :D. The most massive battle i have been in this far is 100+ against eachother... we had more then 4 wb`s, and destros had even more, so we flew from empire to dwarf to high elf claiming keeps, it went well.. when we stood in high elf tier 2 and most of us where there, and most of them...at first we just stood and looked at eachother,,, after 5 seconds all hell broke loose! the battle was about 1-2 hours ... you dont know what you are missing, if you like (as i said in a post before) BIG RVR battles you should buy the game, Caus you will not be dissapointed!
    Karak - asgal is a very well populated server, and most ppl there are helpfull. Thats the server im on. and if you ever get bored of RvR you can do quests, public quests, scenarios, dungeons, instances... theres more to do then just WAR!
    Maybe i see you guys ingame soon. WAAAAGH!

  • I can see that the WAR people are not happy they are running low on subscribers, but delays ended up causing them to release just a short amount of time before the WOW expansion, as well as right before significant updates to EVE online and Lord of the Rings Online - hell there could have even been an Everquest II thing in there.

    The reason I played WAR and stopped was because I didn't find the PvP that compelling, and the rest of their content was lackluster. If you didn't want to seige a keep, there was mostly just the battleground-type things, and besides getting experience I didn't really see any tangible benefit of doing those over and over again like all the other people seemed to want to do.

    That said, I do absolutely love the Warhammer IP, and I hope this game shapes up and still lives in a year when theres more stuff to do. I'd check it out again for sure.

  • I think the fact that WoW has brought a lot of players into the MMO genre means that there is more of a surge to check out new games just in case they are of any interest. Really boasting about getting 800,000 subs just days before WotLK came out was asking for a kicking.

    A monthly income of 300,000x$15 is not exactly a terrible place to be, with about a million boxed copies sold? It's a well-built solid game by most standards, deserves to be successful, the more successful games we get in the genre the better it will be in the long run. The last thing EA want to do is undermine things that have the potential to be a success, oh wait, I remember UO2....

    ...yes, I'm still bitter.

    Anal point:

    There is one too many "the"s in the line :

    "...Electronic Arts was reporting that *the* Warhammer had..."

  • I just finished playing the trial for this game (had a friend that gave me one) its great the Questing is better then WoWs like a improved AoC quest system and the PVP is way better then WoWs by a long shot, Open RvR is some of the most fun i had in the 7 days i played (got to rank 15 and rank 14 renouned) and the "battleground style" PVP was great too, also the amount of people was fine i was playing on a med pop server que times for "battlegrounds" are sorta long but i will still not the highest level so i was not expecting much as in really playing instanced PvP but in 7 days i got in over 50 matches lol and Warbands almost always had 15-20 people in them even at 2 am CST

  • I'm one of the many WoW players who hoped this would be the salvation we were looking for from the beast that is Warcraft, but after playing for about a month (+a month or two of beta) and hardly being able to play it on my computer because i have one GB of ram made things pretty painful. That, and the fact that the two classes i most wanted to play weren't in the game (Ork and Dwarf melee). Anyway, i hear they fixed most of the performance issues, and the new content/patch have me excited to start playing again, especially since blizzard did so many things wrong with Wrath (Oh, hey, the game has been out for a couple months and i've already done everything in the game :-/)