Nintendo DS Set To Receive LEGO Battles

By Maarten Goldstein, Feb 04, 2009 8:05am PST

The next entry in the LEGO videogame series will be a Nintendo DS-exclusive one, it was announced today by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and series creator TT Games.

Above, artwork
The squad-based game LEGO Battles will be based on the LEGO Castle, LEGO Pirates and LEGO Space series of toys, mixing together all three themes. As such, expect to see pirates, aliens, ninjas and dragons battling side-by-side during the game's 70 levels. The game will also be more strategic in nature than previous entries in the series, as players will be able to build bases.

Multiplayer is also supported through wireless DS multi-card play.

LEGO Battles will be developed by Hellbent Games, and is expected this summer.

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