Halo Wars Early Demo Giveaway Wrap-up

By Chris Faylor, Jan 29, 2009 3:10pm PST Earlier this week, Shacknews paired with Microsoft to give away some early access codes to the Halo Wars demo. And while most of us will have to wait until February 5 to get our hands on the demo, 15 randomly selected winners will have it today.

The final title from soon-to-be-closed Age of Empires creator Ensemble Studios, the science fiction-centric Xbox 360 strategy game hits North American retailers March 3.

The demo packs two tutorials, two campaign missions, and a multiplayer map for offline battles against the computer. And if you're among the following, check your Shackmessages, because you've won the chance to play it before most:

  • Zman0404
  • Plumpman
  • haloman4433
  • pospesel
  • Johnny Law
  • shaffe
  • ryuuseki
  • the rizzo
  • jingletard
  • Sailor of Fortune
  • Zoomba77
  • Excacheon
  • kingdepork
  • manlyman
  • YoYo

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  • Thank you shack for the code!!
    The Demo downloaded on the first try, had no issues with redeeming the code.

    For those that have to wait,
    The game is amazing. This is what we expected out of a Halo title, and they delivered. The massive wars that won us all over from Halo 1 are relived in this. With the demo I was able to play thru two levels and see some of the basics this game has to offer, all the characters and vehicles are perfectly scaled and move exactly like their FPS counterpart. The controls are smooth, not overly complicated and super easy to learn. What I was truely blown away by was the cinematics, not your typical in game stuff, looks like this stuff came straight from the best of the best in hollywood!

    Thanks again to the Shack for the code, this title is a must own for any Halo fan, regardless of weather you like RTS games!