Burnout Paradise Getting Cop Pursuit DLC?

A new trailer for the forthcoming PC release of Burnout Paradise suggests that the open-world racer will eventually gain the series' traditional pursuit mode as DLC. nope

First noticed by Joystiq, the trailer provides a glimpse of the forthcoming Burnout Store, complete with a listing for an add-on pack that's signified by a police badge.

In past Burnout games, pursuit mode has seen players take control of a police vehicle and attempt to apprehend a speeding suspect before reaching the race's end.

Since Burnout Paradise hit PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 last year, developer Criterion has supported the game with a wealth of free downloadable content, including new vehicles.

The studio has said it will begin selling new add-ons in early February. The PC release of Burnout Paradise, which includes all of the existing DLC, is due out on February 5. BOOM video 1427