Team Fortress 2 Scout Update Nearing Completion, New Patch Due Today

Valve's next major Team Fortress 2 update, which adds achievements and unlockable weapons to the Scout class, is "just about done," according to director Robin Walker.

"The weapons and achievements [of the Scout pack] are all nailed down, and we just have to finish up the final artwork on them," Walker wrote on the official Team Fortress 2 blog. "Our design and coding has already moved on to the next pack."

While it was not specified when PC owners of the colorful class-based multiplayer shooter will see the Scout pack, the director said that " we'll be able to ship the Scout pack" after the next two patches, both of which are hoped to arrive this week.

The first patch, due out today, will fix numerous bugs and exploits, including a glitch that saw the Heavy's alternate Natascha weapon doing less damage that it should. The other will enable Steam Cloud support for a player's inventory, allowing them to access their default weapon and item settings from any Steam-connected PC.