Morning Discussion

By Chris Faylor, Jan 28, 2009 5:10am PST Nick and I finally got around to beating that Resident Evil 5 demo last night. We'd played the Japanese demo a while back, but I'll admit, we got our asses kicked by the zombie horde--we couldn't beat either stage, no matter how many times we tried.

Perhaps that was because we were playing a lot of Left 4 Dead at the time and trying to stick together instead of splitting up. But hey, this time, we beat both Resident Evil 5 scenarios with ease, spending most of the stages split up instead of side-by-side.

I'm really looking forward to the final game for both single-player and co-op play, the latter being something I'm generally not that into, so hurry up already March 13. And here's hoping for a good Wednesday--I think we could all use some extra happiness.

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  • King of the Hill is such a great show. I wish I could have appreciated it a long time ago, as I'm finally going through my DVDs.

    Watching S01 when Cotton gives Bobby a shotgun for his birthday.

    Bobby having trouble opening pinata: "It must be made of cryptonite or something."
    Cotton: "Oh for crying out loud!" *shoots pinata*
    Peggy: "Good lord Cotton! You gave him a loaded shotgun?"
    Cotton: "Well you don't give a toy without batteries." *pumps shotty*

    Love it. Another favorite is one from Dale when he's forced to quit exterminating and get a 9-5: "Firing people can give you a pretty good buzz, but it's a poor, poor substitute for killing. I realize that now."