Replay Couch 28: This Is Madness

By Nick Breckon, Jan 27, 2009 3:07pm PST Welcome to the Replay Couch, where we kick back and watch the best, and worst, of recorded video game history. New to the series? Take a look at past editions here.

Have you seen a cool video prowling around in your internet neighborhood? Contact the authorities:

Skate Sequel Whiplash (link to this video)
Skate 2 has hit stores, and already the flood of cringe-inducing, hilarious videos has begun. This fine example comes from Skate.Reel user JIMBOYDRO420.

Where the Hell is Team Fortress 2? (link to this video)
The BMD Machinima team over at WeGamer produced this fantastic Team Fortress 2-themed parody of the "Where the Hell is Matt?" viral video.

Far Cry 2 Sound Showcase (link to this video)
2K Marin flunky Steve Gaynor and Gamasutra's Chris Remo were just trying to kill some dudes in Far Cry 2. Instead, they brought about something magical under the African sky.

Buggy Saints Row: The Musical (link to this video)
Jake2000 brought this brilliant video by Cabel Maxfield Sasser to our attention. It's an internet relic, but I've never seen it--so maybe you haven't, either?

Trailer of the Week: Ship Simulator 2010 Extremes (link to this video)
Are you extremes enough to simulate ships? Probably not--so enjoy all the thrills of Ship Simulator 2010 Extremes from the safety of your not-as-extremes home.

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Mr. Rogers Observes Donkey Kong (link to this video)
File this one under something I've never seen. What we have here is vintage Mr. Rogers, but with a Donkey Kong twist. Bask in the warm glow of childhood innocence, and keep your eyes out for a young Keith David--future film star and Fallout voice actor.

The Easiest Boss: Hulk Edition (link to this video)
Incredible Hulk for the Sega Genesis features this hilariously simple final boss battle, captured by Youtuber UltimaXemnas. It'll be hard to top, but if you can find an easier boss, send it in.

World of Warcraft: The Geophyiscal Survey (link to this video)
James Wallis delivered this speech at Interesting 2008, humorously detailing a geophysical survey of the World of Warcraft. This got around a bit earlier last year, but it's worth a look if you missed all the geophyiscal excitement.

Impossible Video of the Week: This Is Madness (link to this video)
Japanese gamers never disappoint. Here's some guy absolutely destroying Marble Madness in a couple of minutes. And it's just wrong.

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