Morning Discussion

By Chris Faylor, Jan 27, 2009 1:45am PST The dawn of a new day brings with it the birth of a new chatty, a shining bastion of hope and opportunity. Oh, and since it's Tuesday, we also get some Fallout 3 DLC. Yay.

I had considered staying up late to play through that new Fallout 3 quest, but my plans were dashed as I (accidentally) fell asleep on the couch around 10:30 PM. I feel old :(

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  • Wacky Races: L4D Edition

    Essentially it’s a race to the safe room between the survivors with established checkpoints in-between. Points are gained for reaching the end, and being the first to reach the checkpoints.

    Currently the only map we have these rules established for is Death Toll, as we experiment we’ll add in checkpoints and events for the other maps as well.


    1. Start a Death Toll campaign on Expert difficulty

    2. Upon game start, have the leader type in the commands “sv_cheats 1” and “god 1” minus the quotes. This will make everyone invulnerable to all but falling off ledges, hunter pounces, and smokers, thus team-killing won’t be a factor.

    3. Always begin with everyone as far back as possible, have someone count off and begin the race.

    4. Upon reaching a scripted event that requires a wait time (such as DING DONG DING DONG at the Church) each survivor must “tag” the safe room door and proceed to run all the way back to the starting point, they will then “tag” up again at the barricaded door and run back through the level until they reach the safe room. Obviously this will require an honor system for now, as it’s hard to enforce.

    5. Throughout the entirety of the race (except for a certain instance that will be covered soon) it is MELEE ONLY with the exception of molotovs and pipe bombs. Use your environments to avoid smokers and the like. Of course honor code will still apply.

    6. Rescuing others is completely optional, whether or not you want to be a good sport is up to you. We found that more often than not rescuing the competitors tended to help ensure that a round wouldn’t have to end in a draw or restart

    7. The finale has some special rules. Once the first player reaches the boathouse the others (if they’ve been rescued) will reach there as well and the main onslaught of the finale will take place without any racing. Guns will be allowed during this period only and there are no restrictions as to what you can do. Once the boat has reached the dock, guns are no longer allowed once again, and all capable survivors will run to the end of the dock and begin a final NIGHTMARE MODE run through the level.

    8. During the final run you will run all the way to the starting room and touch the barricaded door in the back, and then proceed back to the boat. No rescuing is allowed during the final run, it’s every man/woman for him/herself.

    9. If every survivor gets incapacitated all points earned during that level are forfeit and it is restarted fresh.

    10. If survivors are incapped at the end of the race, simply have the leader type “god 0” in the console to kill them off and begin the next round. Remember to turn god mode back on next round!


    Scores will be kept by the players in game.

    A player receives 1 point for being the first to hit a checkpoint/trigger an event. This includes the runs back the starting room, and being the first person who reaches the radio for the finale (a second point is not awarded for starting the finale).

    1st place finish gets 4 points
    2nd place finish gets 3 points
    3rd place finish gets 2 points
    4th place finish gets 1 point

    If all other survivors are incapacitated except the winner, they each only receive 1 point, whereas the winner still gets 4 points.

    For the finale the winner will receive 5 points, second place 4 points, third 3 points, and last 2 points.

    Obviously whoever has the most points at the end is the winner! (no system in place to handle ties yet)

    Took it from another board, but, still - sounds fun.