Capcom, MMO Developer Partner on Secret Project

Capcom today announced that it will publish an unannounced multi-platform title from massively multiplayer online game developer Monumental Games later this year.

And... that's all the details that Capcom provided. It was a very short press release. However, Monumnetal's website offers the following tease of its first console game:

We can't reveal the franchise as yet, but we can say we're both proud and excited to be working on it. As you would expect given our core technology, there's a substantial online element, but the gameplay focus is pure adrenalin.

Monumental has released one game thus far, the free-to-play PC soccer MMO Football Superstars, with a hunting MMO, Hunter's World, early in development. The company recently bought half of 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand developer Swordfish Studios.