Fan Made Portal Gun Impresses

For the second time this month, a fan of Valve's work has taken things into their own hands, and produced a real-life replica of some previously virtual in-game item. Last time, it was a Team Fortress 2 dispenser. This time? The gun from Portal. nope

Flickr user emilyskeith received the Volpin Props-commissioned device from her boyfriend. As with the real virtual thing, the gun's barrel lights up in blue and orange, with little red lights on the prongs. It's even got battle wear, complete with blood splatter.

Fortunately, the replica differs from its in-game counterpart as it's (theoretically) safe to touch said prongs and is powered by a 9V battery. Sadly, an all-knowing, smart-quipping disembodied robotic voice and dependable, lovable companion cube were not included. And surely you know better than to expect cake, or some kind of joke to that end.