Morning Discussion

Look Wednesday, let's cut to the chase. As long as you don't do anything to get between me and tonight's season premiere of Lost, we'll be good. Great, even. Capiche?

Thus far, it's been a rather solid week of television. 24 wasn't horrible, and last night's episode of Fringe was pretty snazzy. It seems like Fringe is finally hinting at the overall mythology instead of focusing on stand-alone episodes, a shift I've been waiting for.

Then we've got new 30 Rock and The Office tomorrow, with a new Battlestar Galactica on Friday. It feels like we're in some sort of way awesome golden age of television.

But let's not forget about video games! After the holiday rush distracted me for a bit, I just got back into Dead Space, and I'm playing Penny Arcade Adventures Ep. 2 on the side. I'm awfully close to beating Dead Space, but ...I just don't want the game to end :(

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