Xbox Avatars Dress Up With Latest Clothing Update

Tired of every Xbox Live avatar wearing the same set of ravilicous attire? That should change today, as a new selection of everyday work clothes is now available. Expect everybody who's somebody to get all fancied up--your friends list will never be the same!

Suspenders with hi pants! Rainy day boots! Scarlet pumps! And ...a hacking jacket?

As with the past avatar clothing updates, the new threads are free and immediately available. Just pop into your avatar's closet and you'll be able to don the following:

    • Striped Polo Shirt
    • Striped Jacket with Polo
    • Checked Jacket with Polo
    • Open Neck Cardigan
    • Embroidered Pants
    • Suspenders with Hi Pants (Dress Up)
    • Hacking Jacket
    • Chinos with Belt
    • Rainy Day Boots
    • Scarlet Pumps
    • Lavender Polo Shirt