Xbox 360 Gets Blown Out on Xbox Originals

For the next Xbox Originals release, Microsoft is digging so far into the console's back catalog that it has found a game I didn't know about. That'll change on January 19, as Terminal Reality's BlowOut comes to the Xbox 360's online marketplace for $15. nope

Originally released for PlayStation 2 and Xbox in 2003, BlowOut is a Contra-like side-scrolling game all about shooting bad guys and blowing crap up. It actually debuted with a MSRP of $20 on Xbox, with the PS2 and later GameCube version at $10.

Interestingly, it appears that the title shifted hands during development, moving from original developers DiezelPower to Terminal Reality a few months before release. And curiously, publisher Majesco doesn't even list BlowOut on its massive list of games.