Avalanche Reveals Open-world Fantasy 'AionGuard'

BOOM widget 75601 Just Cause developer Avalanche recently revealed its in-development, open-world fantasy title AionGuard to Edge, and the publication has already set expectations high.

"It's the closest any game has got to recreating the cinematography of the Lord Of The Rings films," writes Edge.

Described as an action-adventure title, AionGuard (X360, PS3) will follow a team of elite soldiers that must capture "fixed areas of land." AionGuard director Odd Ahlgren described the soldiers as "WWI dogfighter pilots, Samurai and medieval knights, but instead of swords and aeroplanes they wield magic," while noting that the "dogfighter" reference refers to the game's dragon flying.

Though the gameplay is compared to God of War, Avalanche claims its title will be distinguished by diverse tactical choice due to its open-world nature.

AionGuard might not make it to stores for a while, however. Following a break-up with AionGuard's previous publisher, Avalanche bought back the rights to the game, and is now searching for new funding.