Midnight Club DLC 'Accidentally' Released Early, Downloaders Advised to Delete

A batch of free downloadable content for Midnight Club: Los Angeles was mistakenly posted on the Xbox Live Marketplace last night. Though now removed, Microsoft is advising anyone who downloaded the pack to delete it as "it may not work properly." nope

"The Achievements won't register and [it] could cause you problems with your Midnight Club: LA game saves," reads EMEA Xbox community manager Graeme Boyd's blog.

Developer Rockstar San Diego announced the PS3 and Xbox 360 DLC last year, promising an early 2009 release for the free South Central area, with players able to buy another pack containing new cars, new competitions, new races and new music.

Several posters on NeoGAF acquired the 1.4GB download, and claimed they were unable to find new roads or cars. However, a commenter on Boyd's blog says the download contained the new area and music, and posted several screenshots, supposedly from the new South Central area, through the Rockstar Social Club.