Morning Discussion

Oh, hello there Tuesday. Doing well, I presume? You happen to catch 24 last night? Yeah, I was a little bummed that we're already back to the wacky conspiracy angle, but it's bound to be better than the last season. As long as it's entertaining, you know?

For the past two days, the smoke detector in the hallway outside my apartment has been constantly beeping, presumably due to a low battery. I haven't changed it, nor have my three neighbors. All we have to do is call the management and they'll do it.

And yet, no one's called. Perhaps this is due to collective apathy. Or perhaps it's some sort of power play--a Fort Wayne Cold War, so to speak--a way to send the message that "I'm not your man servant, do it yourself, jerk faces." Me? I wear headphones most of the day, so I'm going the apathy route. I just want to see how long this'll last.

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