Dawn of War 2 Multiplayer Beta Debuts This Month, Release Date Announced

As promised, developer Relic today issued details on the forthcoming multiplayer beta test for its anticipated PC action-RTS sequel Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II. nope

Hosted by Steam, the multiplayer beta will be open to all on January 28. Those that bought the last Dawn of War expansion, Soulstorm, will get access on January 21.

The beta will include all four races--the company stressed the inclusion of Tyranids--five multiplayer maps, and Games for Windows LIVE TrueSkill Matchmaking.

Today's announcement also confirmed a February 23 release for the full game, which will be available via retailers and "worldwide" digital distribution platforms.

Thanks to Shackers RetroRedEyeJr and acare84 for the tips.