Team Fortress 2 Fan Creates Real-Life Dispenser

No longer content with building virtual dispensers in Valve's Team Fortress 2, an admittedly obsessed fan has taken things to the next level. But instead of ammunition or health, this particular dispenser is packed with two "emergency beers."


Unveiled on the Steam forums and in a slideshow, Drastisch's 1.15 meter-tall creation houses his DSL modem and router in its interior, a 15" TFT display, and three openable compartments, while a telephone and answering machine sit on top.

It doesn't look like Drastisch will be selling it any time soon, but he did provide some instructions and measurements for aspiring engineers. "Basically it's made out of [Medium-density fibreboard], 20mm thick, and then painted on with lacquer. The signs are made out of photographic paper (I ordered a custom-made poster for that)."