Saints Row 2 Steam Release Delayed

By Nick Breckon, Jan 06, 2009 11:58am PST Saints Row 2 PC will miss its expected release today on Steam due to technical issues, according to developer Volition.

Retail copies of the game, which require Steam to run, will not be affected by the delay.

"It appears that we have experienced some issues with the Steam client and both THQ and Valve are working on the issue and hope to have it resolved soon," said Volition community manager V-Singular in an official forum post.

"This delay does not affect the retail version (in-store) of Saints Row 2 PC, but the game will not be available for digital download off of Steam today," added Singular. "Again, anyone who picks up a boxed copy today will be able to authenticate and play SR2 once installed."

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  • I've been reading Shacknews for years and never registered. i finally think it's time to jump in to show my love for the best gaming platform... THE PC! Also, I really like to see the support Shacknews has for the PC and I feel right at home here knowing there are people who are die-hard PC gamers just like me!

    As far as Saints Row 2 goes, I bought 2 copies today from Best Buy (they couldn't even be bothered to put them on the shelf) and installed them both within 15 mins. There was a small auto update through Steam and it was ready to go so it was a painless install. As far as running the game I'm not too impressed right now, I have a pretty beefy Quad core system with SLI and the performance is lacking a bit. I'm sure I can play around with the settings and get it to run smooth enough but I'm very surprised it didn't run flawlessly on high settings with max resolution.

    Now I did have some of the issues with GTA4 (installing and initial performance) and I was very upset the first few days but after I got the game running decently I fell in love with it big time! I had it for months on the XB360 and never touched it but once it was on my platform of choice I couldn't put it down. It's a shame that the buggy launch killed the PC port and as a result the game isn't selling well. I really hope that future GTA titles will still hit the PC but after the Hot Coffee scandal and the GTA4 issues it doesn't look promising. I finished the story portion of the game a few days ago and I'm ready to jump right into SR2 asap! I hope I enjoy it as much as I did GTA4.