Sony: PS3's November Sales Dip An Anomaly, Hardware Sales Actually Up 40%-ish

The fact that PlayStation 3 sales in the United States dropped almost 19% in November 2008 over the previous year is no cause for concern, according to maker Sony.

That's because November 2007 was "an abnormally strong month due to a price cut [with] the introduction of the [$399] 40GB PS3," Sony told CNET News.

In fact, Sony says PS3 sales were up almost 40% in 2008, with early data suggesting the post-Black Friday holiday season brought about a sales increase of over 130%.

"2008 was a pivotal year for PlayStation with the best software line up in the industry [and] a dramatic expansion of PlayStation Network," said Sony Computer Entertainment America sales VP Ian Jackson, listing PlayStation Home and the PlayStation Store's video download platform as examples of the service's growth across the year.