Electronic Arts Goes Scrabble, Hasbro Game Crazy

Electronic Arts will bring several more Hasbro properties including Scrabble, Battleship and Connect Four to gaming platforms this year, the publisher announced today.In North America, Scrabble will be released for Nintendo DS and PlayStation Portable, while under the banner of Hasbro Family Game Night, Xbox Live Arcade will receive Scrabble (North America only), Boggle, Battleship, Yahtzee, Connect Four, Sorry! and Sorry! Sliders.

The DS and PSP releases of Scrabble will feature six levels of difficulty, and three game modes: Classic, Speed and the Scrabble Slam card game. Both versions come with wi-fi multiplayer support, and will retail for $29.99 this March.

Meanwhile, the Hasbro Family Game Night titles will start appearing on the Xbox Live Marketplace this spring. The games will feature classic and new game modes, mini-games, online support, and customization features where players can earn "virtual trophies, furniture and themes to decorate their personal virtual game rooms."

Europe will not see the new Scrabble games, as the license outside of North America is held by Mattel and not Hasbro.