Shack PSA: New Boom Blox Cheat Codes

In celebration of the holiday season, Electronic Arts today sent out some new cheat codes for EALA's ball-throwing, block-pulling Wii physics game Boom Blox. nope

"At the Boom Blox title screen, hit up, right, down, left on the D-pad button," the company instructed. "Type in the [case-sensitive] codes below using the keyboard."

Code - Effect

Pandoras Blox - Unlocks all levels in the game

Tool Pool - Unlocks all the toys in Create Mode

Nonstop Props - Unlocks all the props in Create Mode

Critter Litter - Unlocks all the characters in Create Mode

We don't normally post cheat codes here at Shacknews, but as these codes have not been previously released, we figured it was worth a heads up, especially since yours truly has taken quite a liking to multiplayer Boom Blox. Angering friends is fun!