PlayStation 3 Getting True 3D Visual Support in 2009, Claims Developer

Sony will be upgrading the PlayStation 3 to support stereoscopic 3D visuals in 2009, according to Karaoke Revolution Presents: American Idol Encore 2 and Bratz: Girlz Really Rock developer Blitz Games and 3D advocacy group Meant to be Seen.

Blitz Games Studios told Meant to be Seen that Sony "fully intends" to support stereoscopic 3D gaming and Blu-ray 3D on the PlayStation 3 next year. Blitz Games is said to be aiding in this effort through its internal Blitz Tech engine.

At present, the technique requires either specialized glasses or a specialized display to produce the desired "pop out" effect. Many, including famed Hollywood director James Cameron, believe that true 3D gaming is the future.

"The best part is console support will only need a bios upgrade to work, and we are told that the ability to add this capability via bios may be unique to Sony PS3 versus the other console solutions," wrote MtbS on its official site, as noticed by Game Informer.

The Xbox 360 is also known to be capable of displaying stereoscopic 3D visuals, with such support already in Ubisoft's game adaption of James Cameron's Avatar.