Puzzle Quest Arrives on iPhone, iPod Touch

As if the impending arrival of Puzzle Quest: Galactrix didn't pose enough of a threat to your free time, TransGaming has brought the addictive puzzle-RPG series to the iPhone.

Priced at $9.99, Puzzle Quest: Chapter 1 - Battle of Gruulkar is the first in a trilogy that splits the Infinite Interactive-developed, D3Publisher-distributed original Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords into three parts for the iPhone and iPod Touch audience. nope

The iPhone version replicates the gameplay found in the beloved original, requiring players to juggle various RPG-style quests while trying to fight monsters and earn experience, mana and more by matching three or more orbs of the same color.

The subsequent two entries in the trilogy will allow players to carry over their characters from the first game, and are said to be "coming soon to the App Store." As an added bonus, gamers can back up their saved game on TransGaming's servers for free.

The 67.7MB game is now available through iTunes, with a direct link available here. Thanks to shacker mattfl for the heads up.