MS Teases Upcoming Xbox Live Arcade Games, Flaunts XBLA Statistics

As part of a press release celebrating Xbox Live Arcade's record-breaking year, Microsoft today listed the following downloadable Xbox 360 games as examples of Xbox Live Arcade releases that will help "ring in the new year:"

No specific price points or release dates were provided.

In all, gamers have earned nearly 100 million Achievements from Xbox Live Arcade games, a feat that, according to Microsoft, amounts to 1.25 billion gamerpoints. Oh, and 110 million free trials have been downloaded since the service launched in 2005.

"Xbox Live Arcade has really become the top destination for premium downloadable games," said Microsoft director of digitally distributed games Scott Austin. "And we've got a long list of games coming out in 2009 that we think will be just as incredible as what we already have on the service."