Castlevania Chronicles Hits PS3 Today

Konami has just announced that Castlevania Chronicles will be released as a downloadable PlayStation 3 effort later today via the PlayStation Store, priced at $5.99.

Confusingly, the company stated that "this iteration of the 2D, whip-wielding action game had yet to be released in America," though Castlevania Chronicles arrived in North America in 2001 as a release for the original PlayStation.

At the time of its initial 2001 PlayStation debut, Chronicles--an enhanced remake of a Japan-only 1993 Castlevania title--had never been released in North America.

Based on Konami's statement, it's likely that Castlevania Chronicles isn't a dedicated PlayStation 3 effort, but rather an emulation of the PlayStation game. Both the PS3 and PSP are capable of playing original PlayStation games downloaded from the PS Store.