LittleBigPlanet Level Packs Will Be 'Shocking,' Says Developer Media Molecule

BOOM widget 74925 Upcoming level packs for LittleBigPlanet will introduce "shocking" elements to the game, starting with the upcoming Metal Gear Solid level pack, according to developer Media Molecule's Alex Evans.

"What I said to the team is that each of these packs that we do over the next year or so has to be shocking," said Evans to 1UP. "These aren't little add-ons or side tweaks. These are like serious, game changing, massive--how can we really mess with peoples' heads and change what they think about LBP."

Evans hinted that the Metal Gear Solid pack will include far more than just the already-revealed MGS-themed costumes.

"The first example of that is the Metal Gear Solid pack, which we just finished," he said. "I don't think that people are expecting what it's going to be and I'm so excited by that. The surprise element is just a big part of it."

The Metal Gear Solid level pack has not yet been dated, though the Hong Kong PSN site briefly listed the release date as December 18.