Contest: Persona 4 Goodie Giveaway

BOOM widget 74763Update: We're going to close the contest Tuesday night at 11:59 PM PST, so if you want a shot at some of that swag, make sure to enter!

After eight years, the PlayStation 2 looks to be nearing its end of its long lifecycle.

With the recent arrival of Atlus' Persona 4, the antiquated system just received one of the, if not the, last of its high-profile RPGs.

And so, to provide the beloved console with a fitting sendoff, we've teamed with Atlus to give away a wealth of Persona 4 goodies:

  • 2x Persona 4 (The Game)
  • 2x Teddie Plushie
  • 2x Japanese P4 Art Book
  • 2x North American Art Book
  • 2x P4 2009 Calendar
  • 2x Charcoal P4 T-shirt (XL)

To enter, simply respond in the comments below, and make sure you've added Persona 4 to your Wanted List or Game Library--something that can be done through the little widget above this story, or by hitting up our dedicated Persona 4 page.

Winners will be selected at random, but make sure you add the game to the right list. Copies of Persona 4 are only going out to folks with it on their Wanted List--you've already got P4 if it's in your Game Library--but everyone is eligible for the other prizes.

Oh, and if you're the sort that digs the type of games Atlus puts out, you may want to sign up for the Atlus Faithful newsletter. Unlike other lists, this one is actually useful, as Atlus uses it as a way to announce limited edition reprints and dole out beta access.