Sunday Discussion

My, that old chatty was getting rather crowded. How about a fresh start for Sunday?

Though the seasonal rush of excellent games is now over, I have to admit, I'm at a loss as to what I should be playing right now. Do I boot up Mirror's Edge? Fallout 3? Fable 2? Penny Arcade Adventures Episode Two? Dead Space? Gears of War 2? Persona 4?

Some have more flaws than others--I'm looking at you, Mirror's Edge--but I've enjoyed my time with all of them thus far. Now I finally need to buckle down and commit to beating them, assuming I don't get too distracted by some other shiny thing. And Fallout 3, you've got a special slot in my calendar--I'll be seeing you exclusively over Christmas.

Oh, check out our Persona 4 giveaway for a chance at free stuff ...if you want it, that is.

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