Morning Discussion

By Chris Faylor, Dec 12, 2008 5:20am PST Damn Friday, way to represent.

First, I wake up to a snow-covered winter wonderland and blue skies, which are much nicer than the grey overcast and its soggy "don't worry, I'll only freeze at night" rain.

And then, Tim Schafer's latest, Brutal Legends, finally gets a new publisher.

Plus we get the first in-game footage of BioWare's Star Wars: The Old Republic today.

In conclusion, Fri-to-the-day knows what is up. Let's keep the good times coming, eh?

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  • I know the issue of how the children of America are spoiled brats come up now and again around here, but yesterday I stumbled over this report: (warning: PDF)

    An Overview of Child Well-Being in Rich Countries
    In this report 21 OECD countries are rated on six dimensions in regards to child well-being, and then they are ranked on the average of where they place on each dimensions.
    The good news: the US isn't last (the UK is). Bad news: they're 20/21

    Now, it's definitely possible to argue over the indicators used, but I submit to you that spoiled children and suchlike is an individual and a family problem, but that the structural difficulties facing America's youth has far more to do with mundane factors, such as material resources, family relations and health risks, which could well be worth keeping in mind.

    Gaming website? What are you talking about?