Warhammer Online Patched: New Careers, Content, and RvR System

By Nick Breckon, Dec 11, 2008 12:17pm PST Warhammer Online developer Mythic today deployed another significant patch to the game, bringing the version up to 1.1a.
The 1.1a patch sees a number of improvements to the MMO, including an open realm vs. realm influence system, two new careers, additional content, and public quests redesigned to be easier.

The full patch notes follow:

  • Two New Careers - The Knight of the Blazing Sun and the Black Guard have joined their allies and are now available to play for everyone!
  • Open RvR Influence System - As part of our ongoing effort to encourage people to take part in oRvR, we are pleased to announce the release of an Influence system geared solely to oRvR. Players who participate in this part of WAR will now have additional incentives for fighting for their realm. As part of this patch we have also made quite a number of changes and fixes to oRvR places and NPCs as well.
  • Easy Public Quests - PQs are great but sometimes it's hard to get enough people together to complete them, especially in the lower tiers. So, we are redesigning one PQ per chapter so that it can be completed by 1-3 people.
  • Chat Hyperlinking - One of the most requested features by the community has been adding the ability to hyperlink items, abilities and quests in the chat window and now it has been added.
  • Itemization Improvements - As part of our continuing support to improve item rewards in WAR we have released a number of new item improvements with 1.1. These improvements include re-vamped armor sets for all levels, new item drops for a number of harder dungeons, and improved drop rates of PQ rewards.
  • Main Assist - RvR is exciting, chaotic and always challenging but this feature will make it just a little bit easier to help your group fight the good fight.
  • Player Statue System - Nothing says "you've made it" more than having a statue with your name on it in the capital city of your realm.
  • New Content - Whether it is new lairs, new quests and changes to items, this patch is full of lots of fun new content additions to the game.
  • User Interface - Lots and lots of fixes, changes and new additions to our user interface and API functionality, new additions to the chat system and graphic options incorporating community requested features a channel flashing on activity, the ability to turn the chat bubbles on/off, a gamma slider and so much more.
  • Player Responsiveness - We have added a number of additional features to improve the responsiveness of the game client. These changes include items that will lessen the "Pause" period in casting due to high lag, as well as fixes for a number of animation glitches and issues players experienced while rapidly activating abilities.
  • AddOn Management - WAR now officially supports many great User Interface mods! You can now access your AddOn management window via the 'Customize UI' window. This window will allow you to view information about and enable/disable any AddOns you may have installed. This window also contains an "Advanced" screen that gives UI mod developers access to some of the same development tools Mythic uses to create its UI. In coming versions we will continue to improve the UI Modding systems in-game and plan to launch a UI Mods specific section of the Warhammer Herald.
  • Improved Performance and Stability - We have made additional improvements for both the client and the servers.

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  • I was really disappointed in the game. None of the classes feel... Special? Different? I hate to compare it to WoW (because everyone does) but where is "blink" or "charge" or any kind of ability that defines a class? I mean some of the classes, like the witch hunter or the squig herder or the white lion, feel a little more unique than others, but mostly its "here is your class and a button that does a melee attack" and a few levels later "here is another melee attack that looks and feels exactly like the last one but if you technically read the description its different"

    And the animation is HORRIBLE, which I don't understand because the models are pretty cool. The world is pretty cool. It all looks pretty cool, but when they MOVE its like... I was going to say like "Claymation" but claymation moves better and more smoothly than the characters in this game. It feels clunky and awkward when you play.

    It has some good crap. Levelling through RvR was awesome, I really enjoyed that. Getting gear through RvR was cool too. Unfortunately, at least when I tried to play, only one of the scenarios ever popped its queue and it was a rather boring little instanced BG and because of the clunky animations and the general same-ness feeling of the classes, it wasn't much fun to actually do PvP. More fun than grinding but not by much.

    The quests were enjoyable, but you only got a few and they were really easy to complete and then you had to run all the way back for the next one. Most of the "time sink" portion of quests was running back and forth. I'm all for making questing faster and less grindy but when you make up for the quest itself being less grindy by making me walk more, well.. Turns out I like killing stuff more than walking.

    Anyway, I didn't even make it through my entire free first month. I wish I could return it. 50 bucks for an MMO that I played for less time than I do some single player games :(