Xbox Live Arcade Sales 'Almost Tripled' After New Xbox Experience Launch

By Chris Faylor, Dec 11, 2008 11:15am PST

Sales of downloadable Xbox Live Arcade games "almost tripled" in the week after the November 19th launch of the Xbox 360's new interface, Microsoft has announced.

In particular, Cabonated Games' UNO saw a 650% sales jump in just one day, a feat attributed to the fact that it was updated with support for the new customizable player avatars. NinjaBee's A Kingdom for Keflings, an avatar-utilizing game launched on November 19, "registered the second-best first week of performance ever."

In addition, Xbox Live members have added an average of 33% more friends since the New Xbox Experience hit, Xbox Live programming director Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb observed on his blog, though no explanation or hard numbers were given.

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  • My system has started randomly hard-locking on boot since I installed the new dashboard. Have never had a single issue before then. The system will either hang right before it displays the dashboard, or will load the dashboard and ignore any input from my controllers. If I reset, it usually boots with no problems.

    I am not sure if there is a correlation yet, but I noticed it might be doing it when I shut down the system while in the Netflix Streaming module, instead of backing out to the regular dashboard before shutting down.