EndWar Patch, DLC Coming Tomorrow on Xbox 360

By Nick Breckon, Dec 10, 2008 2:13pm PST Ubisoft is making ready to release a major patch and downloadable content pack for Tom Clancy's EndWar, according to IGN.

The big patch will expand the game's multiplayer to a maximum of eight online players, allowing 4 vs. 4 play in the skirmish and Theater of War modes.

The Escalation Pack adds four new maps, three unit upgrades and 10 achievements/trophies for 800 Microsoft Points ($10). The new maps will only be playable in skirmish mode.

Both the patch and the DLC will hit the Xbox 360 tomorrow, December 11. The DLC should make its way to the PlayStation Store on Thursday, while the PS3 multiplayer patch won't see release until next year.

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  • I don't purchase DLC for many of reasons; one being that not matter what it is, it's always $10! Ever since the Call of Duty 4 map pack released, which made over $10,000,000 (sold 1 million+ times) in the first nine days, I feel as if all DLC is overpriced. It's as if kids have too much money to spend nowadays. Worst of all, the maps were taken from the single player campaign and converted for multilayer. So, I imagine it only took several people to create in a week or two.

    I really do believe that game developers are cutting back on their final product so that they can release DLC a few weeks after the game's release - thus, really charging the gamer an additional cost in order to get the whole game.

    And then they wonder why more and more people are buying used games!