Dragon Quest 10 Coming to Wii

With Square Enix putting the final touches on the ninth numbered entry in its famed Dragon Quest role-playing series, the company has formally announced that the next entry, Dragon Quest X, is in development for the Wii.

The franchise, which kicked off on the Nintendo Entertainment system, has seen new numbered releases hit a variety of Sony and Nintendo platforms, including the Super Nintendo, PlayStation, PlayStation 2 and Nintendo DS. An action-centric off-shoot, Dragon Quest Swords, came to Wii earlier this year in North America.

Following the PlayStation 2 release of Dragon Quest VIII, Sqaure Enix shocked many by announcing that Dragon Quest IX was being developed for the Nintendo DS, marking the first numbered Dragon Quest game to debut on a portable.

Dragon Quest IX will hit Japan on March 28, Reuters reports, with a North American release expected to follow later in the year. It was not said when X can be expected.