The Top 10 Pirated PC Games of 2008: Spore Leads

By Nick Breckon, Dec 09, 2008 11:51am PST EA Maxis' Spore was by far the most pirated PC game in 2008, according to a list compiled by Torrent-tracking blog TorrentFreak. The title, surrounded by controversy over its anti-piracy DRM, was illegally downloaded over 1.7 million times.

Electronic Arts took a beating in capturing four of the top five slots, with EA Maxis' The Sims 2 taking the not-so-coveted second place by reaching over 1.1 million downloads. The EA-published Crysis and Command & Conquer 3 came in at fourth and fifth, respectively.

Ubisoft's PC port of Assassin's Creed grabbed a reluctant third place with over a million downloads. The game was leaked to torrent networks over six weeks ahead of its retail release in April. Ubisoft later sued disc replicator Optical Experts Manufacturing (OEM) for $10 million in damages, believing that an OEM employee was responsible for the leak.

The rest of the list follows:

  1. Spore / 1,700,000 / Sept. 2008
  2. The Sims 2 / 1,150,000 / Sept. 2004
  3. Assassins Creed / 1,070,000 / Nov. 2007
  4. Crysis / 940,000 / Nov. 2007
  5. Command & Conquer 3 / 860,000 / Mar. 2007
  6. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare / 830,000 / Nov. 2007
  7. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas / 740,000 / Jun. 2005
  8. Fallout 3 / 645,000 / Oct. 2008
  9. Far Cry 2 / 585,000 / Oct. 2008
  10. Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 / 470,000 / Oct. 2008

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  • "We wont deny that on badly moderated torrent sites, malicious torrents probably can be found. However, this constitutes less than 1% of the available torrents, and they are not added to our statistics."

    Exactly how did they test that? I've read some of the pirate forums that some people had to try 30 different torrents to get one of Spore that wasn't a virus or some ofther non-working/complete version and even then, even the good torrents, a third of the game was unplayable since you couldn't connect with EAs servers.

    So a lot of people attempted to steal Spore, wasted a lot of time, some got infected, and some could play a broken version. If this is suppose to make me sympathetic to the anti DRM cause, it fails.