New 400GB Disc Could Be PS3-Compatible

A new 400GB optical disc could end up being compatible with existing Blu-ray players, such as Sony's PlayStation 3, creator Pioneer has informed online publication Edge.

While current Blu-ray players and drives will not be able to read the 16-layer disc--each layer can hold up to 25GB--Pioneer claims that a firmware update may allow existing players to be compatible. The technology is expected to hit mass market by 2010, with a 1TB version of the disc format expected to arrive within five years.

However, Pioneer further noted that the technology "is not being proposed as a candidate for addition to the existing Blu-ray Disc format" at this time.

Blu-ray discs currently max out in a 50GB design consisting of two 25GB data layers. Sony has yet to comment on the possibility of PS3 support for the new technology.