Fable 2 Patch Detailed: Your Child Is No Longer an Assassination Target

By Chris Faylor, Dec 03, 2008 11:07am PST

Good news, everybody! Not only is that promised Fable II (360) patch still on the way, but it'll fix more than just the few issues that have drawn media attention. For example, after the patch hits, "your child will no longer be chosen as an assassination target."

Developer Lionhead's blog cautions that the below list of fixes is "not a complete one." No timeline has been provided as to its release, though the company notes that the anticipated update is "is currently being tested and finalized."

  • The Ritual/Monk's Quest
    Fixed the issue with the Abbott becoming unresponsive if you leave Oakfield before he finishes talking. This will fix the problem if you've already hit it, too.
  • Rescuing Charlie/Rescue My Baby
    After rescuing Charlie, you can now able to interact with objects
  • Guild Cave chest
    Resolves any issues with previously inability to retrieve items unlocked from Limited Collector's Edition, website or Chicken Kickin' game. If you've already hit this bug you should now get your items.
  • The Spire (Pt2)
    No more issues with ship captain being unresponsive
  • The Hero of Skill (Pirate King)
    You'll no longer get stuck during Hero of Skill quest (Bloodstone)
  • T.O.B.Y./Trouble In Bloodstone
    You'll no longer get stuck during T.O.B.Y. quests (Bloodstone)
  • Furniture Shop in Albion (Bowerstone)
    Will now always have something for sale

  • Your child will no longer be chosen as an assassination target
  • Additional unspecified fixes

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  • The rules against depicting violence toward children in videogames is just one more reason why we will never see a remake of the seminal classic "Paperboy". It is the squeamishness of a few that has destroyed any chance of this amazing piece of artwork being reintroduced to the gaming world.

    Look, back in the 80's there was no problem, none whatsoever, in depicting a young lad in his jaunty baseball cap as he was devoured alive by huge dogs, or shred to pieces by lawnmowers.

    We now live in a safety-scissors society, and we are poorer for it.