Dungeon Keeper Revived in MMO Form

By Chris Faylor, Dec 01, 2008 8:05am PST Bullfrog's classic and sadistic PC strategy series Dungeon Keeper is being resurrected in the form of a massively multiplayer online role-playing game titled Dungeon Keeper Online, publisher EA and Chinese developer NetDragon Websoft announced today.

Though the developer specified its hopes for "remarkable results" internationally, the announcement only confirmed a release for the "Greater China region." It will be Netdragon's first 3D MMO, and the company will handle operation and distribution within the aforementioned "Greater China region." No release date was given.

"Capitalizing our strength to create a strong gaming experience, powerful operating platform and unmatched expertise within China's online game market, we are confident that Dungeon Keeper Online will not only become successful in the Greater China region but also achieve remarkable results overseas," said Netdragon executive director and chairman Liu Dejian.

Dungeon Keeper debuted on PC in 1997. Developed by Bullfrog, designed by Peter Molyneux and owned by EA, the series saw players take control of a dungeon, setting traps and gathering monstrous forces to defeat a variety of computer-controlled heroes.

The licensing agreement for Dungeon Keeper Online gives Netdragon access to "themes, characters and other game content" from the Dungeon Keeper series.

"The partnership marks a significant milestone for EA as it will enhance our intellectual property and extend our product reach throughout the Greater China region," said EA Asia Pacific president Jon Niermann. "It will also further enhance our intellectual property with differentiated, high-quality games, particularly in the field of MMORPGs."

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  • A team in China making a dungeon keeper game? Heh, ironic considering the premise of the DK games and how the state conducts itself.

    Optimistically, I could actually see how a Dungeon Keeper MMO would work out with some interesting Ideas.

    Maybe a game mode where you try to raid other peoples dungeons, the dungeon keeper doing his best to guide his minions to stop you ala AI Director of L4D but in human form (zombie master).

    Perhaps 2 factions, the good guys make castles and the bad guys dungeons. The proceeds of which help for you to make a dungeon/castle of great awesomeness, which of course makes it a more tempting target for players.

    I have no faith whatsoever in the dev team to actually implement anything remotely clever however. I expect fail.

  • Here is to praying that EA does not pull another EA and fuck up an old game I used to love and turning it into something it's not...oh wait, they just did! Why can't you just leave the games rest peacefully in their graves already?! Don't mess with Bullfrog's gems, you'll turn them into coal.


    on a side note, I'm just glad they haven't touched a bundle of other games. Think of what would happen if they touched certain other RTS games...DoW 40k, Total War, Supreme Commander/Total Annihilation, Starcraft/Warcraft, SINS OF A SOLAR EMPIRE?!?! I know, I know...DK was a RTS/RPG/FPS as you could control your minions personally, though it was kind of difficult due to the graphical quality.

    Nothing like the casino when one of your underlings wins the jackpot though...Burn baby burn!