Replay Couch 26: Left 4 Bed

By Nick Breckon, Nov 26, 2008 11:50am PST Welcome to the Replay Couch, where we kick back and watch the best, and worst, of recorded video game history. New to the series? Take a look at past editions here.

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We kick off this week with a couple of Left 4 Dead videos, and move on to an impressive Far Cry 2 fireworks show, a few sad Fallout 3 videos, and other internet gold.

Left 4 Bed (link to this video)
This Left 4 Dead voice edit by TheYoungScot has been spreading around like an infectious disease over the past week or so. Symptoms: laughter.

Left 4 Dead (link to this video)
Here's a video that pretty much sums up the entire Left 4 Dead experience in 60 seconds. It's a little bit Leroy--in that it doesn't quite feel authentic--but the effect is the same.

Rocket Powered (link to this video)
EvilDaedalus is the chap behind this incredible Team Fortress 2 hackery, which brings large-scale rocketry and organized ju-jitsu to the Valve title.

CS: Disney Source (link to this video)
This ridiculously-detailed recreation of Disney's Haunted Mansion ride, done up in the Counter-strike Source engine, was crafted by map masetro Nipper. The level is titled "de_haunts," if you're looking to experience a more personalized ride.

Trailer of the Week: Chrono Trigger (link to this video)
Chrono Trigger was ported to the DS today, and I've had a hard time resisting an instant re-buy. It's a classic that appropriately stands up to the test of time, and is more than worth checking out if you've never given it a look. Just hearing that theme makes me salivate for some Triple Tech action.

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If A Barrel Explodes in Africa... (link to this video)
Much like its sister title Crysis, Far Cry 2 is becoming a testing ground for crazy physics experiments. This is one particularly fine, fire-based example from n00bsk8er.

This Is Three Dog, Owwwwwww (link to this video)
SiloViro is on a mission to locate the last remnants of humanity--and blow them all up with exactly 40 frag mines.

Mega Man: The Movie (link to this video)
This trailer for Eddie LeBron's fan-made Mega Man movie is all over the place. The plentiful overacting scientists, goofy female androids, and rudimentary CG got this thing put up all over the internet. And now it's landed on the Couch, too.

The Molten Core (link to this video)
The Molten Core was supposed to be an April Fools' joke, a one-off video that faded away into obscurity. Instead, it turned out to be a real Atari-style port of WoW, which you can now download here.

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