Colorful Nintendo DS Bundles Hit Black Friday

By Chris Faylor, Nov 25, 2008 8:40am PST The busiest shopping day of the year will see the debut of two new limited edition Nintendo DS bundles, Nintendo of America has announced.
Priced at $150, the colored bundles contain a Nintendo DS Lite and a copy of New Super Mario Bros. (the "Mario Red" model) or Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day (the "Ice Blue" bundle). The Nintendo DS Lite sells by itself for $130.

The bundles hit North American retailers this Friday, November 28, better known as the day after Thanksgiving or Black Friday, as retailers find themselves overwhelmed.

Nintendo is planning to launch a redesigned Nintendo DS model, dubbed the Nintendo DSi, in North America after April 2009. Already available in Japan, the unit sports bigger and brighter screens, a slimmer build, two cameras, and the option to download new games from the internet, but lacks the ability to play Game Boy Advance games.

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