Colorful Nintendo DS Bundles Hit Black Friday

The busiest shopping day of the year will see the debut of two new limited edition Nintendo DS bundles, Nintendo of America has announced. nope Priced at $150, the colored bundles contain a Nintendo DS Lite and a copy of New Super Mario Bros. (the "Mario Red" model) or Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day (the "Ice Blue" bundle). The Nintendo DS Lite sells by itself for $130.

The bundles hit North American retailers this Friday, November 28, better known as the day after Thanksgiving or Black Friday, as retailers find themselves overwhelmed.

Nintendo is planning to launch a redesigned Nintendo DS model, dubbed the Nintendo DSi, in North America after April 2009. Already available in Japan, the unit sports bigger and brighter screens, a slimmer build, two cameras, and the option to download new games from the internet, but lacks the ability to play Game Boy Advance games.