Take-Two Settles with Chicago Transit Authority, Future M-rated Game Ads Banned

The Chicago Transit Authority will reinstate the Grand Theft Auto 4 ads that it pulled from Chicago buses back in the spring, but after a short run the CTA will no longer accept ads for M-rated games.

A settlement was reached only recently after publisher Take-Two sued the CTA for breach of contract over the incident before the game was released in April, reports Chicago Breaking News as noticed by GamePolitics.

Under the settlement, Grand Theft Auto 4 ads will appear on Chicago buses for the next six weeks. Other terms of the settlement remain confidential.

After that, the CTA will no longer run ads for M-rated games under a new ordinance passed by the CTA board last week. According to Chicago Breaking News, the ordinance "cites a 'demonstrable correlation' between intensely violent video games and violent or aggressive behavior.

The Grand Theft Auto ads, both then and now, include no overtly violent, sexual or otherwise graphic materials that would normally prohibit advertisements from running on city buses.

The ads originally appeared in Chicago prior to Grand Theft Auto 4's release amidst a rash of shootings in the city. Fox News questioned the ads' timing, and the posters were removed shortly thereafter.

Chicago is the second US city--Boston was the first--to ban M-rated game advertisements on public transit.