Crytek Opens South Korean Office

Crysis Warhead (PC) developer Crytek is now open for business in Seoul, South Korea, as the European developer is making a move into the lucrative Asian gaming market.

Industry veteran Young Mok Park will lead the office and will focus on Crytek's engine licensing business for Korean clients, reports Gamasutra.

"Establishing an office in Seoul was the logical step to expand our business in Korea as well as giving our engine licensees in this region the best possible support, through direct access to a dedicated local team," said Crytek CEO Faruk Yerli.

"Crytek's Korean office will take a key role in increasing the quality of service to CryENGINE clients. By establishing the Korean office, Crytek has shown its commitment and strong interest in Korean game companies as well as the Korean gaming industry," Park added.

Asian markets including Korea, China and Taiwan are known for abundant online games--many of them free-to-play--as a counter to abundant piracy. But Crytek's move into Asia symbolizes the moneymaking potential in the region.

PC Gaming Alliance head Randy Stude recently commented that Asian markets, despite their high piracy rates, "are also the top markets for revenue."