Prince of Persia to Get DLC 'Of Significant Value'

Ubisoft Montreal's Prince of Persia (PC, 360, PS3) is planned to receive additional content after its December release, and producer Ben Mattes promised that the content will be worth users' hard-earned money.

"We certainly have plans for downloadable content," confirmed Mattes in a video interview for French site Gamersyde, which was cleverly spotted by Eurogamer.


"The intention is to do downloadable content that adds significant value, so I don't think you'll see downloadable content of a new skin or a new weapon or something like that," he added.

Mattes elaborated to describe what shape the DLC could take. "[Maybe] it's going to be a new story, a new experience, maybe a prequel, maybe a sequel--we're going to do something that really offers a lot of value for the player," he explained.

Sporting colorful new visuals to complement the series' wall-running, leaping and bounding, Prince of Persia lands for consoles on December 2 followed by the PC release on December 9. The promised DLC will arrive "sometime next year."