Codemasters Grabs the Last Piece of Swordfish

Codemasters has announced its acquisition of the Birmingham branch of developer Swordfish Studios.

Monumental Games had purchased the Manchester branch of Swordfish earlier this week. Swordfish's last project was 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand, the game which sees the popular rapper invading the Middle East.

A former property of Sierra Entertainment, Swordfish was being sold by Activision Blizzard following the Vivendi Games merger, which saw the publisher shedding several studios and properties in order to streamline its operation.

Codemasters notes that it will be putting its new studio to work immediately on its "development operations," though it is unknown what project the developer has been tasked with.

Those anticipating 50 Cent action can rest easy: the game was recently picked up by publisher THQ, and is scheduled to hit stores worldwide in early 2009.